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Partner Spotlight: CIO OFFICE

The third instalment in our Partner Spotlight series focuses on the most recent addition to the Cloud Gateway partner network, CIO-OFFICE.

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The third instalment in our Partner Spotlight series focuses on the most recent addition to the Cloud Gateway partner network, CIO-OFFICE.

We are delighted to welcome the CIO-OFFICE team to the partner community and look forward to augmenting their industry leading digital transformation and cyber resilience services with our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution. CIO-OFFICE is dedicated to helping organisations realise their digital ambitions with cloud, utilising a range of proprietary assessments and tools to optimise IT performance and deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings. We are excited to begin collaborating with them and passing on the benefits of their extensive experience across digital and cyber security to our customers.

CIO-OFFICE can help your organisation identify, build and optimise the right solution to meet your business and IT objectives. They provide the expertise and tools to perform a comprehensive assessment of existing digital platforms, systems and infrastructure, including a review of vendor contracts and performance as well as the processes that underpin the technology stack. CIO-OFFICE’s cloud, network and security experts design and deliver a transformation strategy that allows the organisation to transition seamlessly to a cloud operating model, without delay, unnecessary expense or disruption to users or service. At the heart of what they do is a commitment to ensure tangible and lasting value is driven from all investments in cloud and digital, something we firmly believe in at Cloud Gateway too.

Cloud Gateway delivers enhanced SASE and cloud integration capabilities that perfectly complement CIO-OFFICE’s digital and cyber security offerings, freeing organisations from the constraints of legacy technologies, unfavourable vendor contracts, and expensive operating costs. CIO-OFFICE shares our commitment to providing organisations with a greater degree of flexibility, choice and control than they are typically afforded, removing obstacles to innovation and transformation that legacy network, infrastructure and security solution providers have become synonymous with. This includes an unrivalled level of network visibility with advanced monitoring and telemetry tools via the Cloud Gateway Portal, arming businesses with the data and analytics they need to ensure optimum performance is maintained.

CIO-OFFICE and Cloud Gateway recognise that the biggest enabler to consuming cloud and digital services is an agile connectivity and infrastructure foundation built in software, but without compromising on security. Connectivity should no longer be the bottleneck that hampers digital innovation and transformation. Traditionally, organisations have been subject to expensive contracts, long lead times and inflexible providers. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless experience for our customers that affords them the ability to provision scaleable, secure connectivity between their physical sites, on premise and cloud environments, partner ecosystems and remote workers.

CIO-OFFICE delivers best-in-class cyber security support to boards, executives and decision makers, ensuring that organisations are appropriately protected based on their size, budget, threat landscape, and risk appetite. The partnership’s ecosystem of digital, security and connectivity solutions allow businesses, regardless of size or digital maturity, to reduce cost and complexity, modernise legacy systems and applications, and strengthen security. We provide organisations with the tools, support and expertise to future proof their IT estate and accelerate their digital objectives.

Both businesses firmly believe in the power and potential of partnerships with like minded organisations who recognise the value of collaboration for the benefit of their customers. CIO-OFFICE have an innovative, forward thinking and disruptive approach to digital transformation and cyber security challenges. This shared commitment to driving positive and meaningful change for the benefit of our customers is the primary reason our partnership works so effectively.

Together, we want to enable customers to unlock the power and value of digital:

"CIO-OFFICE shares many of the same core values that our business has been built upon. They are committed to delivering innovation, flexibility and value for their customers, just as we are at Cloud Gateway. Together, we have the tools and experience to ensure network and network security challenges are not an obstacle to innovation and transformation."
Justin Day / CEO and Co-founder of Cloud Gateway
Accelerate your digital transformation strategy
  • Harness the power and flexibility of hybrid and multicloud but with greater control, pace and visibility

  • Reduce the cost of cloud connectivity, multicloud security and all other associated overheads

  • Unique cloud-native technologies that modernise legacy systems and infrastructure for improved responsiveness to evolving business needs

Connect everyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Fast and secure connectivity to thousands of network, cloud and IT services, including the PSN and HSCN

  • Deployed within minutes with no disruption to your systems or its users

  • Eliminate downtime, improve application performance and securely connect users to their data across all locations

Optimise your network and application performance
  • Granular monitoring and telemetry providing industry leading data and analytics for complete visibility of your network

  • Accelerate development and innovation with improved agility and reduced lead times, creating and consolidating a competitive advantage for your organisation

  • Unified connectivity and security, delivered as a fully managed service

"Cloud Gateway is a natural fit for us. Their vision and commitment to deliver innovation and transformation, alongside our established cyber and optimisation practices, enables a formidable service offering that gives our clients the edge."
Roy Irvine / CEO and Co-founder of CIO-OFFICE
Want to learn more?

For more information on how you can get your organisation ready to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us directly. Learn how SASE can provide the tools and support to future proof the performance, reliability and security of your IT estate.

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