Sectors we work with

We work with a wide variety of sectors across healthcare, government and financial services.

For healthcare

Fast secure access to the HSCN for your health applications, locations, employees and everything in between. Choose from remote access, site connectivity or connection though your cloud service provider.

Get fast, secure access to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) to reach all your essential NHS services, no matter where you are.


For the blue light services

Connect all your remote sites and users, internet and private network traffic, fast, with government grade security levels. With zero impact on operational and live service functions.


For the government

Cloud first transformation for Government services to connect anything to everything. Our SASE platform gives you the digital foundation to bring everything you need together to drive improved citizen outcomes.


For financial services

All the tools you need to protect your network and provide operational resilience. Secure SASE gives you control, visibility and governance over your network infrastructure.


SASE Platform

Transform your network with SASE.



Get access to a suite of network connectivity capabilities. From clouds, to users, to data centres, and more - let us bring your entire ecosystem together.

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