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We help you build a Digital Foundation that securely connects your people, places and devices with cloud and on-premise environments. All of our services are fully managed as standard, allowing us to better support you in achieving your objectives regardless of size, digital maturity, or in-house technical skills.

Digital Foundation Assessment

We believe a Digital Foundation is delivered by securely connecting your people, places and devices to support your digital transformation goals, utilising data as a strategic asset to achieve brilliant outcomes.

The UK Government’s digital strategy identifies four pillars of a strong Digital Foundation, including 1) a robust digital infrastructure, 2) the ability to leverage data, 3) a light-touch, pro-innovation regulatory framework, and 4) a secure digital environment.

We can assess your current architecture against your digital transformation and cloud first goals. Our expert team can offer practical guidance and support you in building a roadmap for the future.

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Data services

Utilise your data more effectively, to help drive positive outcomes for your users, customers and citizens. We can help!

Most organisations now need to capture, store and share large volumes of sensitive data as part of their day-to-day operations.

We can support you in the delivery of data migration programmes, secure remote access, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to allow you to use your data strategically to deliver insight, value and organisational objectives.

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PSN services

Fast, secure connectivity with minimum hassle. We're fully accredited to provide an IP connection to the Public Services Network (PSN) for all your people, places and devices.

Public sector organisations need to retain access to services on the PSN whilst rapidly and securely connecting to a range of cloud service providers. Our SASE platform delivers both without delay, expense, or disruption. Find out how we can help public sector organisations transition away from legacy infrastructure in line with the government's Cloud First policy.

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HSCN services

Our SASE platform is fully accredited to connect your users, sites, and workloads to the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) quickly and securely.
Empowering access to healthcare and applications for patients to improve outcomes is a core service of ours and driving positive change on the health sector.

Our HSCN services are making interoperability and integration easier, helping to facilitate improved collaboration, data accessibility, and support the emergence of new digital services.

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Cloud connectivity services

Quickly and securely connect to any of the major cloud service providers, including Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and hundreds of others.

We offer a range of connectivity methods to ensure we meet your specific requirements, including private cloud connectivity, scaleable bandwidths and configurable security options. We'd love to discuss your needs.

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SASE Platform

Transform your network with SASE.


Get access to a suite of network connectivity capabilities. From clouds, to users, to data centres, and more - let us bring your entire ecosystem together.

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