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My Reflections: Tony Capper

Tony Capper, our Sales and Marketing director, looks back on his first full quarter at Cloud Gateway. Join us as we delve into Tony’s highlights from the last few months!

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Customer delight

I’ve dedicated significant time to connecting personally with our customers, and the feedback has been nothing short of amazing. The level of service we deliver has garnered a LOT of admiration, and we’re excited to formalise our account management framework in the coming quarter to make it even better. 

We’re fanatical about our customers, and we take a lot of pride in helping them deliver exceptional technology experiences to their own customers and users. It’s well worth reading a couple of our customer stories if you haven’t already - HMCTS and Dyad.

Pioneering the market

The networking landscape has been marred by the disconnect between telcos and their customers for far too long. However, we're now witnessing a shift in appetite in customer conversations and tender bids. In years past, a common attitude was that ‘nobody got fired’ for procuring a network solution from one of the big providers. Now, organisations are open to change, and are willing to consider different approaches to solve their problems. Customers we talk to are keen to innovate, and are mindful of being left behind in a rapidly changing tech market.

At Cloud Gateway, we’re proud to do networks differently - from the tech that powers our platform, to our managed service, to our portal, My Cloud Gateway. We are able to provide customers with complete visibility of their network configuration and firewall rules, in a way that some of the big names simply can’t (or won’t) do. We won’t stop until our end-to-end digital experience is the best in the market.

Empowering cloud connectivity

We’re seeing a lot of interest in hybrid and multicloud approaches to infrastructure, which can make network requirements feel complex and daunting. For large organisations especially, they need to think about securely connecting A to B, but also to C, all the way to Z! 

Cloud Gateway stands apart by not only providing these connections and managing them for the customer (taking away much of the burden) - but by offering security capabilities baked-into the heart of their ecosystem, to ensure all traffic is secured. This end-to-end security approach is critical, and we cover the whole gamut, whether it’s clouds, sites, data centres or individual users.

In many scenarios, it simply makes sense to start with one connection. We can get a link running within hours, and use our platform as a digital foundation to build and grow the network from there. We’re the masters of turning complex problems into simple solutions - try us!

Thriving partnerships

At Cloud Gateway, we cherish the vibrant ecosystem of partners who contribute to our success. From lead generation partners like Big Presence, to website and SEO experts at The Bigger Boat, and our PR team over at Mantis, our collaborative network is very strong. We’re also grateful to partners such as Neos and Nomios, who assist us in delivering top-notch network services. Bramble Hub, SoftCat, and WaveNet, our channel and bid partners, have been instrumental in our growth journey too.

We recognise that SME’s (like us) often specialise in key disciplines, which has the potential to preclude us from big tenders containing broad requirements. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to be working with Roq, Appvia, Perform Partners, Pentest, and Curium in the coming months.

Together, we’re building a powerful collective of SMEs, able to share best practice and curate some really compelling propositions. The partnership is still in the early stages, but it will ultimately enable us to deliver a portfolio of complementary services, helping our customers achieve the best possible outcomes.

An extraordinary team

Behind every successful company is an extraordinary team, and at Cloud Gateway, we're fortunate to have just that. Our team lives and breathes our core values, which are ingrained into our DNA. Everyone, from the CEO to the service desk, the CFO to the network engineers, embraces the concept of doing things differently and constantly improving. The drive to be the best is evident throughout the entire organisation.


My first full quarter at Cloud Gateway has been fantastic, and there's still more to accomplish. Through technical, cultural and commercial innovation, we’re poised to break down barriers in the market and make a significant impact. Be sure to follow our LinkedIn account to stay up to date on everything we’re doing.