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Start small, grow big

Businesses require a modern networking and security solution that can support increased traffic volumes, improve real time communications, secure cloud connectivity, and facilitate digital growth, all within existing budgets. Learn how we can help deliver all this in our short blog!

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Start small, grow big

When you are starting-up a new business, initiating a new project, or need to evaluate a new supplier before committing to a move, there are many factors to be taken into account, risks to be considered, and decisions to be taken.

The most important typically concern cost, scalability, and service. Some of the most commonly asked include:

  1. How fast are we expecting to grow and scale?

  2. How do we control costs effectively whilst ensuring we can turn on capacity as required?

  3. Does this supplier marry-up to how we want to work with our cloud service provider?

Turning on capacity in the network and security world as required, whether concerning bandwidth or licensing, has become the norm and here at Cloud Gateway we've built that capability into our proposition from the start. No long lead times for what should be regarded as commodity, no costs for increasing your service consumption, and definitely no paying for capacity which might never be used.

How do we know all this?

Well, as a business start-up just a few years ago, we found ourselves needing to stand-up a range of technologies and services to meet the demands of our customers, all against a backdrop of the same uncertainties that any new business faces. We had to figure out how to handle rapid growth and deliver change fast whilst continually creating and implementing new processes. That backdrop has moved on, with recent world events also contributing towards the need to start small and grow big.

As we've come out of the pandemic, unanticipated customer demand has fuelled service provision, further validating this service-based model. But, this model, of course, isn't exclusive to start-ups - it applies equally to large enterprises where testing customer reaction to new products becomes ever more important.

We've got many examples of businesses who have come to Cloud Gateway to start their journey into the cloud. As these businesses have grown and matured, their requirements and needs have changed. Along the way, we've added new features and services to our portfolio, thereby creating new opportunities and all with low points of entry.

If you would like to discuss our commercial model and understand how it can help get you up and running at low risk, or even some of the benefits that our customers have realised from this approach, please get in touch here.


Download our latest A Rough Guide to SASE ebook.

By way of an introduction, we have launched our Rough Guide to SASE ebook showcasing the different component parts of the framework and providing an explanation of the value and benefit they can deliver for your organisation.