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Technology and health, a charity partnership with heart

Cloud Gateway announce corporate partnership with the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund charity.

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Health & Technology

As a technology organisation our everyday work is often within the health sector. To enable secure connectivity of digital services through our SASE platform. The output of which supports medical staff with the technology infrastructure they need to save lives.

The innovation through technology in the healthcare sector particularly in recent years has been inspirational. Organisations large and small working together to improve citizen services. Whilst patient outcomes are continually improved through this innovation, the technology that delivers it, comes at a significant cost. This can at times be out of reach for the NHS.

For the charity sector operating within health, public support through awareness and fundraising is vital to fund their work.

For the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund this support means that every baby, child or young adult with congenital heart issues has access to the best care. Their families are supported in a multitude of ways creating a positive impact through a traumatic and challenging time.

Social Impact & Company Culture

Post Pandemic, we have a hybrid workforce split across the country. This brings its own challenges around engagement and culture. We regularly meet up across regional hubs but the whole team coming together happens less frequently.

Cultivating and maintaining a sense of togetherness is vital for our team’s wellbeing. Employees need to be fit and well to support customers in achieving their goals.

Having a charity partner in place allows the team to come together with a common goal. To build experiences outside of day to day work. Creating a meaningful social impact and a legacy of giving back supports a shared purpose. Employees are happier at work when they have a strong sense of purpose. These activities and a robust CSR commitment can be the glue that binds a team together when they spend a considerable amount of time apart .

Cloud Gateway & CHSF

We are a London HQ organisation with a Yorkshire heart so supporting The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is a great fit for us.

We are passionate about technology enabling innovation in society and nowhere is that more evident than in healthcare. The work of the charity goes far beyond funding equipment though. They are a friend to families, a light in dark times, a provider of everything from a room to sleep in, to a Katy bear for post op cuddles.

"I am a proud Yorkshireman and our business has its technology team based in Yorkshire. As a Dad myself I can’t imagine the stress of having a child that is so unwell and needs the care of our amazing health service. The work CHSF does to support families in their time of need is just vital. We are delighted to offer our support by sponsoring the Red Ball as the first part of our commitment to raise funds for them as a corporate partner"
Neil Briscoe / CTO Cloud Gateway

Our corporate partnership starts with us sponsoring the Red Ball in February 2022. This event is born from Wear it Red day which has raised over £100,000 since it started in 2012. Our team is busy planning other ways to support the charity all through the year so watch this space!

You can read more about the charity.


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