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Learn how Health Connect helped GPs, administrators and technologists to access data - ready to be structured and contextualised through the power of AI.

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AI-enhanced healthcare

Dyad was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic with a clear purpose - to help UK health providers organise and understand their unstructured data.

A huge amount of digital information is generated through the delivery of health and social care. Whether this is from the government, the practice, or the patient themselves, data from many different sources can lose its utility when taken outside of its original context.

Dyad’s solution to this problem is unique. Their core platform is powered by advanced AI, and implements a range of techniques such as natural language processing and knowledge graphs, all with the view of maintaining context around data.

This creates a clear, optimised dataset that links information in a meaningful way - as opposed to complex, isolated data fragments.


Check out BetterLetter here to see Dyad's innovation in action. AI is used to identify relevant information from clinical letters. Items are categorised into diagnoses, medications, results or actions to be taken.

With Dyad’s automation, the need for human intervention is drastically reduced, allowing providers to process letters faster‍ and with higher accuracy.

Patients are directed down the correct care pathway and benefit from reduced letter backlogs, which could delay changes to their medication or treatment.

The requirement

In order for products like BetterLetter to operate effectively, Dyad users needed access to EMIS and SystmOne - critical applications that are only accessible via the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). A connectivity provider was needed to bridge the gap.

Why Cloud Gateway?

In total, there are around 20 providers accredited by NHS-D to provide network connectivity to the HSCN. Dyad approached two other suppliers before contacting Cloud Gateway.

Sadly, these alternative providers fell short of expectations. One offered the kind of product Dyad needed on their website, but failed to technically deliver the solution they claimed was possible. The other sold Dyad a service but were unresponsive and slow to deploy, resulting in a lot of lost time.

After these false starts, urgency was high. Fortunately, Dyad’s CTO remembered Cloud Gateway from his time working at another organisation.

"Cloud Gateway delivered what they promised - the same can’t be said for some of the other suppliers we tried"
Ketan Vekaria / Head of Growth, Dyad
The solution

Health Connect is one of Cloud Gateway’s flagship services, specifically designed for organisations in the public and private health sectors.

With Health Connect, users, sites and cloud environments can be connected to the HSCN in a matter of minutes. All connectivity services are powered by our SASE platform, allowing us to flex and change the service on demand, and implement a security overlay at the touch of a button.

The initial requirement for Dyad was to enable Remote Access to the HSCN for 5 internal users. The solution was fully provisioned in 44 days, from engagement to live service.

Health Connect: Remote Access to HSCN

The Impact

Now that Dyad has secure, scalable remote access and HSCN connectivity in place, staff can securely access patient information on the HSCN wherever they’re based. BetterLetter, enabled by this connectivity, supports the delivery of improved patient care by shortened waiting times and reducing correspondence backlogs.

"The thing that really appealed to us was how quickly things got done once we gave the green light to proceed. As soon as we gave Cloud Gateway the nod, they jumped on board and got us connected. Ultimately, the biggest confirmation that things are working well is that we’ve renewed for another 12 months. We’re currently assessing our future development plans - as soon as we know exactly where we’re headed, Cloud Gateway will be the first people we turn to."
Ketan Vekaria / Head of Growth, Dyad

As a cloud-based product, Health Connect is instantly scalable, including the provisioning of new remote users. Dyad took advantage of this flexibility by doubling their user base without needing to go through the full commercial process twice, or worry about separate contracts with disjointed renewal dates.

We can’t wait to see what Dyad does next!

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