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Ortus iHealth

Learn how our Health Connect platform supported Ortus iHealth provide virtual ward and remote monitoring capabilities to 8 NHS centres across the greater London region.

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Ortus iHealth provides virtual ward and remote monitoring capabilities to 8 NHS centres across the greater London region. Its digital outpatients platform enables clinicians to assess, monitor and treat patients remotely, reducing appointment lead times by half and facilitating a 58% uptick in the total number of patients seen. Ortus iHealth is revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered and in doing so significantly improving the outcomes and experiences of those utilising its solution.

The Background

The 2019 NHS Long Term Plan outlined the government's 10 year strategy for reforming the NHS in England. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated many of the issues that the plan set out to resolve, leading to increased delays and disruption at a time when demand was at unprecedented levels.

The 2019 plan, and subsequent revisions, identifies technology as a key enabler for meaningful and lasting change. This included a commitment to improving access to remote consultations, treatments, and support across primary care, with the aim of reducing appointment wait times and improving patient outcomes.

Ortus iHealth's platform provides virtual ward and remote monitoring capabilities that directly address this ambition. It is utilising new and emerging technologies to rethink the way healthcare services are delivered for the benefit of those who rely upon them. Read on to learn more!

The Requirement

In order to deliver remote healthcare services effectively, it is imperative that patient medical records are available to clinicians at any location and from any device. Ortus iHealth's app allows clinicians and patients to capture, access, and share vital information about a diagnosis or treatment. To facilitate this, Ortus iHealth required secure, reliable connectivity to the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN). This is where Cloud Gateway could help...

The Solution

We were able to meet all of Ortus iHealth's network and security requirements by deploying one of our flagship services, Health Connect. This enables secure, on-demand access to the HSCN, connecting users, sites and cloud environments to the network in a matter of minutes. Once we had connected Ortus iHealth to the HSCN, they had secure access to all the resources and data stored there, including the patient records that would be required to deliver effective remote monitoring and care.

Digitally Empowered Patients

Our HSCN connectivity services have been designed to make interoperability and integration easier, helping to facilitate improved collaboration, data accessibility, and support the emergence of new digital services. We're extremely proud to work alongside Ortus iHealth and see first hand how their pioneering work in this field is improving patient experiences and outcomes.

"Our incumbent connectivity supplier was no longer able to meet our requirements. There were considerations around cost, speed of deployment, security and customer service, all of which Cloud Gateway were able to accommodate without delay or disruption."
Nick Niziolomski / Director, Ortus iHealth
The Impact

Ortus iHealth's platform is transforming the way patients interact with and access clinicians and healthcare services. Appointment waiting times have been cut by over 50%, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment and increasing the chances of a positive outcome for the patient.

Clinicians are armed with more patient data than ever before, giving them the opportunity to prioritise appointments and treatment based on the severity and urgency of each case or condition.

Ortus iHealth have plans to extend the initiative outside of London so more people can benefit. We'll be there to support them, every step of the way.

  • A 75% reduction in 'Did-not-attend' appointments

  • 58% more patients seen across all clinics

  • Outpatient appointment lead times cut in half

  • 75% of users saved more than 1 hour of travel time

  • Post operative discharge lead time reduced by over half

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