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5 Hybrid Cloud Use Cases

Seamlessly adopt a hybrid approach in your organisation.

Many organisations are looking at cloud repatriation - bringing workloads and applications back from public cloud to on-premise data centres - due to escalating operational costs and specific security and compliance needs. According to an IDC survey this is a growing trend, with 80% of respondents reporting repatriation activities.

The benefits that cloud can bring to businesses are widely understood. The cloud promised to transform businesses with speed, security and scale. However, it can only achieve that if it’s the right tool for the job.

The same IDC survey reported that 93.2% of survey respondents are moving to adopt a hybrid cloud approach in order to address their business needs. The survey found that these infrastructures were generally made up of one or two public clouds plus one or two private cloud environments. Hybrid cloud strategies are becoming the enterprise ‘norm’.

Operating across a hybrid cloud infrastructure is essential for organisations to keep their business competitive and reduce costs, whilst maintaining performance and ensuring regulation and legislation compliance, and protecting against cyber threats.

In this ebook, we’ll be sharing 5 hybrid cloud use cases to identify where your organisation can seamlessly adopt a hybrid strategy, with full visibility and control of your network.

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