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Building Strong Digital Foundations

Enabling better citizen outcomes through secure collaboration and data sharing.

The National Policing Digital Strategy (NPDS) outlines a series of digital ambitions for UK policing over the next 10 years. It builds upon the Policing Vision 2025 in identifying the critical data and technology building blocks required to fulfil their primary objective of making communities safer in a digitally disrupted world. The pace at which advancements in technology are taking place continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. This ever evolving digital landscape places even greater demands on police services to continually adapt and innovate the tools, methods and processes they rely upon to protect the general public.

This ebook will explore some of the key challenges and opportunities created by the disruption. It will provide guidance and support to forces embarking upon digital transformation and cloud adoption strategies, paying particular attention to the priorities and recommendations set out in the NPDS.

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