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Cloud Migration Risks: 5 tactics for Financial Services Organisations

How SASE can help you build an agile and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Banks, insurance companies, and accounting firms, among others, are implementing new initiatives to improve their organisations' digital performance to satisfy the growing expectations of the market. Having a reliable cloud infrastructure has become critical to launching any innovative venture, whether you want to keep your clients pleased or meet FCA standards.

Even though it may not appear to be highly technical, any new innovation will most likely begin with storing your data in the cloud. A strong cloud infrastructure will allow you to meet industry requirements, increase operational resilience, and provide cutting-edge financial services.

Migrating to the cloud, on the other hand, may provide issues in terms of cost, risk, business continuity, and the capacity to cope with the additional complexity of cloud networking and security.

Don't worry though; we've done this before and understand how to reduce risks to achieve a successful cloud migration. In this ebook, we'll explore the five main issues with cloud migration so you can assess the risks and select the best option for your company's needs.

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