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Cloud Migration with SASE

How can a SASE solution support successful transformation?

Cloud infrastructure and cloud services adoption is consistently growing. With almost all companies consuming IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - or something else as-as-Service - most companies will be consuming services from at least one of the major public cloud providers.

Over the last year, digital transformation programmes have been accelerated in order for businesses to respond to macro factors, adopt cloud services and infrastructure and to make provision for a flexible workforce. Organisations are also looking to modernise their infrastructure and applications to deliver improved digital experiences to win and retain more customers. This has greatly accelerated the migration of workloads to the cloud, which offers greater agility and scalability to the business as well as the option to align costs with business requirements.

As attractive as the benefits of cloud sound, the main hurdle which IT teams are facing is the first step to actually successfully transform. Migrating to the cloud can raise challenges around cost, risk, business continuity and having the skills to manage the increased complexity of cloud networking and security. Migrating applications to cloud infrastructure requires scale and performance. Achieving this can be challenging due to limited visibility into the organisation’s infrastructure and the fact that each IaaS platform has proprietary controls for networking and security.

In this ebook we’ll be providing solutions to some of the most common cloud migration challenges, so you can overcome cost, risk and security obstacles and enable the organisation to choose the right solution for your requirements, according to business needs.

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