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Tackling Legacy IT

Many private and public organisations rely on legacy systems and old technology to effectively run their operations. Learn how to tackle the challenges this creates in our new ebook.

In most instances, the reason for not upgrading legacy IT comes down to budget constraints, however 45% of IT spend in the public sector currently goes to funding legacy systems.

Tackling legacy IT across the public sector, taking into account the many various departments, is a mammoth task to tackle. There are some extremely critical services running on legacy systems and networks and therefore transformation must be thought about very carefully in order to protect them throughout any transition.

With the rapid pace at which technology changes, transformation can’t be delayed any longer. These outdated systems are in a far greater danger of failing, which would be catastrophic for something like the prison and justice system.

It’s no longer possible to buy in new solutions and attempt to integrate them into an existing ecosystem that isn’t fit for purpose.

In this ebook we’ll be exploring the key legacy IT issues which the public sector is facing and how to overcome them to enable digital transformation and an ecosystem that is future- proofed to avoid these pitfalls in the future.

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