Building a Strong Digital Foundation for the Justice and Emergency Services

Join our webinar on Tuesday 6 September at 12:00pm

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Tuesday 6 September at 12:00pm

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The UK’s Justice and Emergency Services (JES) are facing unique challenges around the means and methods by which they capture, store and share highly sensitive citizen data. This includes improving collaboration between JES organisations in regard to digitalising core processes and the sharing of new capabilities, knowledge and R&D.

Join us on Tuesday 6 September at 12:00pm when our CEO, Justin Day, and Blue Light Lead, Moira Roberts, will be welcoming David Wild and James West from Agilisys to discuss the concept, practicalities, and benefits of building a Digital Foundation across the JES.

The webinar will consider the role that SASE can play in delivering a cloud-like networking experience, helping to create the foundations upon which greater resiliency, innovation, and collaboration are possible. It will explore how secure, scalable cloud connectivity can support and accelerate the UK’s JES digital transformation objectives.

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