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ANS partners with Cloud Gateway to help customers achieve cloud adoption at pace

ANS, leading cloud and digital service provider, has partnered with Cloud Gateway, a cloud-native hybrid cloud connectivity Platform-as-a-Service provider, to help customers achieve an agile infrastructure foundation to enable and accelerate cloud adoption.

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The partnership will bring the best of cloud, digital and connectivity together to help customers to achieve cloud and digital aspirations at pace, removing the bottlenecks that slow down digital innovation and transformation. Together ANS and Cloud Gateway will provide customers with a full end-to-end ecosystem, from endpoint to application, to accelerate cloud adoption as part of hybrid cloud and multicloud strategies. This is especially important as business leaders look to cloud technology to cope with changing working environments and business continuity.

"Cloud Gateway’s agile and agnostic ethos, and networking expertise, supports our own services so customers can achieve a stress-free, future-ready network, delivering connectivity at pace. Cloud Gateway have built their connectivity platform on government-grade security levels, providing customers with a fully secure and agile network. This level of security matches the requirements being driven by our customers perfectly."
Andy Barrow / CTO, ANS

The Cloud Gateway platform securely connects anything on a customer’s estate with multiple cloud service providers, the Public Services Network (PSN), the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) and the internet. This means organisations will be able to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud and multicloud, but with greater control, pace and visibility. By centralising connectivity, organisations will have a single, timely and accurate source of truth, ensuring regulation and legislation compliance and protecting from cyber threats.

"ANS recognise that there’s a huge networking skills gap in the market around secure connectivity and don’t accept that long lead times are the only path for customers to leverage cloud services. An opinion wholeheartedly shared by Cloud Gateway and the foundation from which the company and platform have been built. Both companies recognise that we need to be part of a bigger end-to-end machine to be able to deliver full ecosystems to our customers to truly help them to achieve the best outcomes"
Justin Day / CEO and Co-founder, Cloud Gateway
About ANS

ANS is the UK’s leading digital and cloud experts, dedicated to helping organisations to achieve their digital ambitions in the cloud and beyond. Specialising in cloud, AI, data analytics and IoT, ANS works with public and commercial sector organisations to provide the intelligence and insights to enhance services, empower end-users and improve business outcomes.




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