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Cloud Gateway joins the Cloud Industry Forum

Cloud Gateway has become a member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a not-for-profit company which champions and advocates the adoption of cloud-based services by businesses and individuals.

Knowledge Centre

Established in 2009, the CIF provides resources to educate and support organisations of all sizes, bringing business consumers and suppliers of Cloud Services closer together in a trusted and sustainable marketplace. It is an independent voice in the industry, advocating shared knowledge and collaboration between its members.

"Being a member of the Cloud Industry Forum is incredibly important for Cloud Gateway. Cloud is innovating at such a rapid pace, and it’s vital that we all work together to provide the best solutions for our customers whilst also maintaining best practice. The CIF will enable us to work closely with key partners in the industry and help us continue to drive innovation and change in cloud"
Justin Day / CEO of Cloud Gateway

The CIF also maintains a Code of Practice (CoP), which is open to all suppliers, enabling participating vendors to promote online confidence and trust in their brand. Through research, education and industry engagement, the CIF aims to encourage widespread adoption of the Code of Practice by industry players, which in turn encourages the adoption of cloud services and initiatives across a host of industries.

"Cloud Gateway is the archetypal born-in-the-cloud provider. Their aspirations fit perfectly into the remit of the Forum, aside of providing vendor agnostic great cloud tech, they are working on many of the big topics that effect businesses: delivering digital transformation, enhancing digital skills and improving diversity. They will be a welcome and valued voice to our community."
Alex Hilton / CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum

Find out more about the Cloud Industry Forum by visiting their website or LinkedIn profile.




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