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Cloud Gateway to lead Government push to the cloud

Cloud Gateway, part of the 6point6 Group, has received a Public Services Network (PSN) accreditation for their hybrid-cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Cloud Gateway will support the Government’s strategic move to make better use of cloud technology and decrease reliance on the Public Services Network (PSN).

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Cloud Gateway has received a Public Services Network (PSN) accreditation for their hybrid-cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

The Hybrid-Cloud Connectivity Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) helps avoid any disruption for consumers when migrating from PSN to the Cloud.

Cloud Gateway provides secure connectivity between existing PSN services, and private and public cloud environments that Government bodies can migrate to, whilst preserving the backbone pan-Government PSN connectivity. The platform encrypts network traffic, managing the traffic’s movement through a single enforcement point, from the Government to any Cloud Service Provider, including the PSN, seamlessly and without disruption or impact to users.

In 2017, the Government recognised that significant technology advancements mean the PSN is no longer the most appropriate or cost effective option, and has since encouraged the use of the Internet and move to Public Cloud strategy. As the government breaks away from the PSN and completely transforms its digital infrastructure, it needs a secure connectivity platform that can integrate different cloud environments together with existing PSN services without users or providers experiencing any downtime. Cloud Gateway is therefore pivotal in the modernisation of the Government’s IT infrastructure.

By using Cloud Gateway, service providers on the PSN will be able to continue providing services while migrating to the cloud and simultaneously interact with existing services on the PSN. Service consumers will be able to securely access and use the services they need, completely uninterrupted throughout the migration process.

"Embracing the latest technologies is essential for any organisation to remain efficient and competitive but connecting them effectively can be a huge challenge. Working with the Government, we can ensure that everyone can securely access and use the services they need to ensure business remains as usual. It’s great that the government are setting a precedent for using a hybrid cloud approach and hopefully this will encourage other businesses to follow suit. "
Justin Day / CEO of Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway, part of the 6point6 Group, is an innovative UK-based start-up founded in early 2017. It is pioneering the Agile Network and has developed an award-winning hybrid-cloud PaaS solution that provides businesses with both the mechanism and resource support to adopt, develop and operate cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Cloud Gateway isn’t just a disruptive technology, it is disrupting the entire IT industry.




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