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LDN Apprenticeships take a digital first approach for continued support of London businesses and apprentices during Coronavirus pandemic

LDN Apprenticeships will take a digital first approach to support 160 apprentices across 100 different London businesses, protecting small businesses and the wider London economy during the Coronavirus pandemic. The company will make the move to distance learning as part of their programme, ‘Do everything differently – but get the same results’, during this challenging time.

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About LDN Apprenticeships

LDN Apprenticeships believe that young people are remarkable and that they have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things.

Since 2010, they have worked with thousands of young people, helping them to harness their Energy and Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, Ability to take feedback and Propensity to take action. This is called #EEWAP and it’s helped over 700 young people to become successful LDN Apprentices.

LDN Apprenticeships partner with businesses in building richly talented and youthful teams. They’re able to match young people from diverse backgrounds to awesome companies and provide unrivalled coaching and support during their apprenticeship whilst delivering specialist training.

Offering a range of tech and digital apprenticeships – from Digital Marketing and Software Development, to Finance/Accounting and Business Administration – LDN Apprenticeships also offer tailored apprenticeship programmes, including the ground-breaking Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship programme, the first and only apprenticeship provider to do so.LDN Apprenticeships, founded in 2010, partners with over 100 businesses to provide a range of tech and digital apprenticeships – from Digital Marketing and Software Development, to Finance/Accounting and Business Administration. Working with young Londoners from diverse backgrounds, the scheme has successfully placed over 700 people into their dream jobs.

"We have worked closely with LDN Apprenticeships this year, with one of our own fantastic team coming through the scheme. Cloud Gateway is committed to championing young talent making sure that they feel supported and encouraged to pursue their dreams. The work that LDN Apprenticeships do is fantastic, and we are delighted to be supporting them while they continue the great work in unprecedented circumstances."
Justin Day / CEO & co-founder of Cloud Gateway

During the Coronavirus pandemic, distance learning has become essential to ensure that education and training can continue to provide apprentices with the best tools to succeed and remove any opportunity for a skills gap to grow.

Cloud Gateway, who recruited an apprentice from LDN Apprenticeships in January 2020, has donated equipment including a computer, webcam and accessories to transform a LDN Apprenticeships meeting room into a distance learning facility, to host online learning sessions for its 160 apprentices. Cloud Gateway’s donation has protected the continuation of the young apprentice scheme and given LDN Apprenticeships the tools to provide a world class training service, no matter the circumstances.

"Businesses large and small are facing a huge challenge as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds. At LDN Apprenticeships we’re working harder than ever to ensure we continue to provide an outstanding service to our apprentices and employers. The support we have had from Cloud Gateway will make it easier for us to achieve this. We’ve converted all of our teaching sessions into video conferences and we are conducting our workplace coaching sessions and interviews for prospective apprentices via video call. Being able to provide this level of consistency means that our 160 apprentices will continue to be supported and we know this is massively valuable to the 100+ employers that they work for"
Simon Bozzoli / LDN Apprenticeships CEO




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