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Emergency services are facing unique challenges around the means and methods by which they capture, store and share highly sensitive citizen data. Securely harnessing the power and potential of big data remains a strategic priority, as set out in policies like the National Policing Digital Strategy (NPDS). This includes improving collaboration between partners and agencies in regard to digitising core processes, balancing regional and national priorities, and the sharing of new capabilities, knowledge and R&D. Moving away from inflexible and costly legacy technologies and services is the first step.

The pandemic has accelerated the rate at which applications, data, devices and users are moving off premises. Legacy network and security solutions are struggling to support the evolving demands of the sector. A modern networking solution can deliver secure hybrid and multicloud connectivity, support increased traffic volumes, improve real time communications, reduce operational costs and facilitate digital growth, all of which are addressed by SASE.

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Technology Challenges in Policing

Our CEO, Justin Day, discusses how police forces need to balance regional and national priorities.

Driving better outcomes with SASE

Improving public safety, experiences and outcomes.

Our secure ecosystem gives you everything you need from a private connection to the cloud, to our full SASE platform as a service.

Build a strong Digital Foundation

A strong Digital Foundation addresses the need for increased control over the technology and vendors being utilised to power the digitalisation of UK policing. Forces require the ability to adopt and consume new and emerging digital services as they become available. SASE ensures the underlying infrastructure is in place to facilitate this without prohibitive costs, lead times or disruption.

Secure your network, services and users

The sensitive nature of the data being captured and stored by emergency services means IT leaders require a full and reliable audit trail to assist with security and compliance regulations. SASE allows you to easily connect and secure all resources, data and users in a cost effective and scalable way.

Benefit from phased implementation

SASE can be introduced at a pace that suits you and without causing disruption to live operations or services. We work with you to build what you need ensuring you are future-proofed against the evolving digital and security landscape.

Transition away from legacy technologies

Our SASE platform consolidates the network and security capabilities so your IT estate does not become an obstacle to transformation in the future. It promotes secure collaboration, operational agility and regulatory compliance to support the effort to exploit data more effectively.


Start small and scale-on demand. The power is yours.

Simple connectivity

Connectivity can be deployed within minutes, or at a pace suitable for you. There's no need to be tied to unreasonable lead times and have to wait to get connected.

Add more advanced options

Our platform is completely configurable to your business needs, allowing you to select the connectivity, security and inspection components you require, it’s really simple.

Improved outcomes

Our services allow access to data quickly, wherever your team are and however they access it.

Additional security

FWaaS builds upon Foundation Security, providing a configurable firewall PLUS a comprehensive suite of UTM (Unified Threat Management) capabilities on top.

Support & portal access

My Cloud Gateway shows your network overview at a glance, in a simple, intuitive display. It allows you to keep track of your network performance, utilisation and traffic flow overview as well as raise support tickets to our team.

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Police force of the future, building a business case for cloud adoption in UK Policing. We look at the five key priorities or indicators for police services attempting to digitally transform which the NPDS identifies.


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