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The Government Landscape

IT in the Government sector: the state of play

Cloud First

The Government's Cloud First policy requires public sector organisations to consider public cloud services first, however, they are free to choose other options providing they can demonstrate that it offers the right levels of security, flexibility and value for money.

While GDS is confident that the public sector fully understands the policy, our survey results found that 50% of respondents were not completely clear on the guidelines, with a fifth of organisations incorrectly believing that they ‘must move fully to public cloud’.

Hybrid cloud for Government

It is possible, and often preferable, to adopt a cloud-first approach that maintains secure access not only to platforms like Azure and AWS, but also connectivity to on-prem environments, taking a hybrid approach.

An agile infrastructure, such as Cloud Gateway's SASE platform, lays a digital foundation for your organisation to keep essential services running now, whilst enabling migration and scaling when it's time to transform.

Essential PSN Services

We don't know exactly when the Public Services Network (PSN) is going to close. As of today, there are still over 200 applications consumed via the PSN, and hundreds of government users that still need to access it. FN4G believe the PSN will remain in some capacity for at least five years, perhaps indefinitely. Until we know more, it will be necessary to maintain a PSN connection from an accredited service provider.

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Migrating to cloud

Some considerations for your cloud migration project.

Tackling your legacy infrastructure doesn’t have to be painful. We can help you to map your current architecture and plot a secure path to the cloud.

We’re building a modern system for administering justice which will benefit everyone who uses it. By designing systems around the public who need and use our services, we can create a more effective system for them and generate efficiencies for the taxpayer.

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Solving IT challenges for central and local Government.

Government network connectivity

Achieve secure connectivity to cloud service providers, the PSN and the internet - from the same unified SASE platform. Services are deployed at a pace that suits you.

Cloud first objectives

Meet Government objectives to migrate and consume cloud services as a first priority. Connect to any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and to the internet.

Streamline your network

Connect cloud native workloads back to the rest of your estate. Enable migration paths without interrupting live service to streamline and modernise your network.

Reduce costs

Only pay for the bandwidth and connections you need right now. Scale when you need, rather than over-provisioning up front.

Better government cloud security

Implement a comprehensive suite of UTM (Unified Threat Management) capabilities on top of all your network connections. Keep your network protected even as you spread into new cloud environments.

Expert support

From PSN-compliant suppliers with years of experience. Our solutions meet GDS security requirements, and we have some of the best network brains in the business to guide you on your cloud journey.

Our Services

PSN Connectivity

PSN Connect is a portfolio of managed services that helps you to achieve fast, easy connectivity to the Public Services Network (PSN) - to access essential services that government systems and users need to do their jobs.

Cloud Gateway is proud to offer PSN compliant services in line with GDS. Whether you need a single PSN connection to a secure network or multiple connections involving our other services, our flexible SASE platform can support your requirements both now, and in the future

PSN Connectivity Services

Cloud Connectivity

We help Central and Local Government agencies to achieve their digital transformation goals. Our secure, vendor-agnostic platform seamlessly connects your organisation to any cloud service provider, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

We can connect your government agency to the cloud within 5 working days, either via IPSec VPN over the internet, or our UK based data centre POPs, minimising disruption and accelerating your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Connect Services

Managed WAN Services

Modernise your government IT. Securely connect cloud and on-premise systems with our portfolio of Managed WAN services. Choose FTTC, FTTP, Leased Lines, or Internet Breakout depending on the unique conditions of your sites.

Managed WAN involves the delivery of physical circuits to your site(s) and configuration of a network device, and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). We work with last mile providers to deploy the tail connections and equipment for you.

Managed WAN Services

Network Security

Gain complete visibility and control over network security with our Security Enforcement Core (SEC). The SEC acts as a central control centre, consistently enforcing your pre-defined security policies across your entire IT ecosystem.

Adding new clouds, sites, or users becomes effortless. The SEC automatically extends your security policies, ensuring consistent enforcement and reducing the risk of breach. This allows you to focus on what matters, while maintaining a robust security posture.

Network Security Services

Answering your FAQ’s on Government and the cloud

Local government organisations are embracing cloud in order to boost cross-functional collaboration and promote a joined up approach to the delivery of citizen services. There are many applications of cloud, from care giving, to waste removal and road repairs. All these functions require clear communication channels, and access to shared resources from other local government entities and agencies. Cloud is often a great solution.

The Government's Cloud First policy requires public sector organisations to consider public cloud services first, however, they are free to choose other options providing they can demonstrate that it offers the right levels of security, flexibility and value for money. The policy is intended to be a guiding principle for central and local government organisations (including health) to follow when adopting new technologies.

Cloud is being adopted across all areas of the public sector. Central government departments ranging from those administering our justice system to protecting the environment are implementing cloud technologies that can improve citizen outcomes and get taxpayers better value for money.

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With almost all organisations consuming IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - or something else as-as-Service - most councils will be consuming services from at least one of the major public cloud providers already. Discover 5 ways in which a SASE platform can support council service delivery.


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