Securely delivering connected healthcare.

Connecting securely to The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) gives healthcare workers more time, control, and clarity to help those in need. Delays can cost lives and livelihoods, so we work with organisations to ensure all HSCN connection services are intelligent for the services they want to deliver.

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What we do

How we help healthcare providers

Cloud Gateway is proud to be a HSCN-compliant supplier. Whether you need a simple HSCN connection to a secure NHS network or a more advanced connectivity platform, our flexible, scalable solutions work to your specific requirements.

Express HSCN solutions

Our HSCN commodities solve specific connectivity issues found in private and public health sectors. From linking patient records and remote users, to shifting all data centres to cloud, we’ll help you securely route your traffic, with scalable bandwidth and security options if needed.

Tailored SASE platform 

SASE is a highly flexible solution tailored to bring together your site(s), cloud, or on-premise environments, helping you stay ahead in a post-pandemic world. By adopting our HSCN platform, or migrating from N3 to HSCN, NHS Digital services are accessible from anywhere.

All this, without waiting for unreasonable lead times or facing any installation charges.

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HSCN connection, made simple

How to connect to the HSCN.

We’ll help connect you to the HSCN, without the headaches. In order for Cloud Gateway to connect you, you’ll need to sign up to the terms of the HSCN Connection Agreement.

Sign the HSCN Connection agreement

If you think you’ve signed the HSCN Connection Agreement (which replaced the NHS N3 network in 2018), search either using your organisation name or ODS code. If you don't know it, find it here.

Check here

Request an invitation if you haven’t received anything

If you haven't yet received an invitation to complete your Connection Agreement, contact to request access to their online portal.

Submit your agreement to NHS Digital

Once you have access to the NHS Digital online portal, sign your Connection Agreement and submit it to NHS Digital.

We’ll double check your
HSCN Agreement

As a trusted HSCN network provider, Cloud Gateway will validate that you've signed up to the terms of the HSCN Connection Agreement before connecting your environments to HSCN.


Solving your HSCN connection challenges.

If systems function smoothly and securely, you can help those in need more efficiently. Future-proof your health organisation today.
Streamline your network

Connect and protect, wherever your users may be.

Go cloud-first

For certainty that systems perform at their best, now and in the future.

Get expert support

From HSCN-compliant suppliers with years of experience.

Stay in control of your portal

Transform timely duties into agile capabilities.

Reduce costs

Minimise money spent on out-of-date systems.

Strengthen security

Prevent evolving cyber risks with secure networking.

"We were ready to launch – however, other potential HSCN connectivity solutions were proving to be a huge blocker. And then within a matter of days, or even hours, we had it - thanks to the Cloud Gateway team. We were very impressed by the speed, quality and customer service we received."

Tom Keble / CTO at X-Lab

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With scalable bandwidth and additional security options, no long lead times or installation charges, HSCN connectivity puts the power of choice and flexibility back in your hands.

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