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Technology should be an enabler for patient care delivery, not a barrier to overcome. Delays and downtime can cost lives and livelihoods, so we work with organisations to provide a digital foundation for secure connectivity in healthcare.

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IT in the health sector

Healthcare in the cloud era.

Internet First

There is a surge of digital transformation in healthcare, and the landscape is evolving quickly. NHS England are transforming their native services to be more easily consumed via API, and any new developments must follow a set of agreed standards.

Demand for better service integration has led to NHS-D’s Internet First policy, dictating that all digital health services should be accessible over public internet where possible.

Cloud First

More than ever, health applications and services are being migrated to cloud to leverage benefits including cost, flexibility and scalability. This is mirrored in the government’s Cloud First policy, which recommends that public cloud should be considered before other alternatives. 

Essential HSCN Services

There is still work to do. Many essential healthcare services such EMIS, SystmOne, NHS Mail and GP Connect require a Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) Connection to access. This means organisations need to support a blended network ecosystem combining multiple connectivity methods and endpoints.

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Benefits of cloud technology in healthcare

Cloud First and Internet First

Meet Government and NHS England objectives to migrate and consume cloud services as a first priority. Connect to any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and to the internet.

Streamline your network

Connect cloud native workloads back to the rest of your estate. Enable migration paths without interrupting live service to streamline and modernise your network.

Expert support with healthcare connectivity

From HSCN-compliant suppliers with years of experience. We're one of only 20 CN-SPs audited by NHS England, and have some of the best network brains in the business.

Reduce costs

Only pay for the bandwidth and connections you need right now. Scale when you need, rather than over-provisioning up front.

Strengthen security for your healthcare connectivity

A broader ecosystem increases the attack service. We can help you implement government-grade security from layers 3 to 7, protecting all of your network traffic in transit.

Our Services

HSCN Connectivity

Health Connect provides rapid, secure access to The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), to access essential services that healthcare workers need to do their jobs.

Cloud Gateway is proud to be an accredited CN-SP supplier. Whether you need a single HSCN connection to a secure NHS network or multiple connections involving our other services, our flexible SASE platform can support your requirements both now, and in the future

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Cloud Connectivity

Our platform gives you the freedom to choose the best cloud service for your needs. Whether it's Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we securely connect you to your preferred provider.

Streamline your healthcare IT with a smooth cloud migration. Use our secure, UK-based data centre POPs, or IPSec VPN over the internet. Either way, we can get you set up within 5 days. Minimise disruption and allow your staff to focus on what matters most – patient care.

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Managed WAN Services

Modernise your healthcare IT infrastructure with a seamless connection between your existing on-prem systems and the cloud. Our Managed WAN service simplifies cloud integration, allowing your healthcare staff to leverage new cloud resources whilst other critical systems keep running.

We handle the complexity of connecting your on-premise estate to the cloud. Our Managed WAN service offers a range of secure and reliable connection options to meet your needs, including FTTC / FTTP, leased lines and internet breakout.

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Network Security

With our Network Security services, all your healthcare data, regardless of its location (hospitals, clinics, remote offices), is consistently protected by our robust Security Enforcement Core (SEC). The SEC acts as your central control centre, enforcing a single set of unified security policy across your entire network.

Services include Firewall-as-a-Service, Web Application Firewall and Secure Web Gateway. Each service is infinitely configurable to your unique security posture.

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Answering your FAQ’s on Healthcare and the cloud

The cloud is fast becoming a critical component of the healthcare ecosystem. It is used for storage and application hosting - but perhaps most importantly, it is used to collaborate and gain efficiency. Using the cloud to maintain a central repository of records and gives healthcare professionals a single source of truth to locate information about their patients and the care pathways available to them. It also opens the door to new innovations from the private health sector.

Cloud is important to the healthcare sector as it offers scalability and flexibility when it comes to deploying applications and running workloads. Unlike on-prem solutions, cloud can instantly scale up and down on demand, resulting in less technical debt and wasted resource. This in turn can help to save health organisations money.

Yes! Cloud is an integral part of the NHS's digital strategy. Internet First and Cloud First policies are in place, which encourage all public sector organisations, including health, to seek out cloud services as a first priority when faced with a technology requirement.

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