Data Centre Connectivity

Data Centre connectivity allows you to connect to our platform from your own data centre presence, or that of an existing MPLS network provider.

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What is it?

What is Data Centre Connectivity?

If you or your MPLS provider share a data centre presence with Cloud Gateway, we can establish connectivity and extend it to your other network endpoints. We're located in:

  • Equinix LD8 (London)

  • Equinix MA3 (Manchester)

  • Ark Cody Park (Farnborough)

  • Ark Spring Park (Corsham)

  • Telehouse North (London)

Connecting to you (Cross Connect)

If you connect to Cloud Gateway we'll produce a Letter of Authority (LOA) which grants you the capability to terminate a fibre cable in our rack. It’s up to you to make arrangements with the data centre provider to run the cable from one rack to another. If Cloud Gateway connects to you, the responsibilities are reversed!

Connecting to a third party provider (Network-Network Interface - NNI)

The LOA process is the same when connecting to third party MPLS providers. We'll work with the MPLS provider to create the connection and associated design. You will also need to be involved.

Service Definition


DC Connectivity Benefits

Securely connect to Cloud Gateway via carrier neutral data centres

Our platform is completely configurable to your business needs, allowing you to add extra data centre connections, clouds and much more - on top of your existing cross connects or NNI's. It’s really simple!

Dedicated, high performance links that are secure and dependable. Lower latency for faster data exchange!

Connectivity can be established at a pace suitable for you. We'll work closely with you and your provider to get the LOA in place and the fibre installed.

Implement security functions like FWaaS, SWG and WAF, protecting all your traffic as part of a comprehensive network security posture.

My Cloud Gateway shows the connection status between your data centre presence and ours. View bandwidth activity and raise support tickets via from here.

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With scalable bandwidths, no long lead times or installation charges, our site connectivity services put choice and flexibility back in your hands.

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