Network Architecture Review

Is your network large, complex and in dire need of an overhaul?

Are you struggling to move away from legacy hosting or incumbent connectivity suppliers?

Want to plot a secure path to the cloud?

Knowing what you're working with is the first step to planning a successful digital transformation project. Mapping the network is a key stage in understanding your current mode of operations (CMO) and planning next steps.

Get in touch now to secure your network architecture review!

Cloud Gateway's technical experts will conduct a network architecture consultation with you, making sense of your network sprawl and helping you lay the right digital foundation for your organisation.

We'll provide a fresh set of eyes and ears, helping you to consolidate your estate, eliminate Shadow IT, and enable new technologies to take your operations to the next level.

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How does it work?

Your review, step by step

1. Get in touch

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2. Book your session

We'll contact you to ask some preliminary questions and arrange a session at a date and time that suits you. The meeting could be in person or virtual.

3. Consult our experts

We'll ask you a short set of questions to help us understand you better, focusing on network connectivity, security and cloud.

We'll spend an hour with you to understand the state of your network, and your future transformation plans.

4. Receive your report

We'll summarise the session with our recommendations and potential next steps.

How we can help

Moving from on-premise to cloud hosting

You may want to migrate applications and workloads to the cloud, but have concerns around security, bandwidth or costs. We'll guide you through the options to find a solution that suits your business AND your budget.

Tackling network skills shortages

A lack of skills could leave you struggling to understand your legacy network. New terminology like SASE and SD WAN can muddy the waters. Our experts will help you assess your network posture, and share best practice within your specific industry.

Enabling secure data sharing

Collaborating with other entities can cause a logistical challenge for IT teams. Managing permissions, access restrictions and providing an audit trail gets exponentially more complex as networks sprawl. We can help you to unpick this.

Consolidating your network devices

We'll help you identify duplication and shadow IT from a networking and security perspective. By building a picture of your existing estate, we can identify areas to consolidate and refine your security devices and connections - saving time and money!

Our Experts

Who might you meet?

At Cloud Gateway, we have some of the best networking brains in the business! When you book your session, we'll hand pick a member of our team who is best placed to solve your specific challenges.

If you'd like to meet with somebody specific, just let us know when you reach out, we'll do our best to facilitate your request.

Stephen McConnell

Steve is our CTO and has worked in network infrastructure and security for over 20 years.

Responsible for setting Cloud Gateway's own technical strategy and platform development, Steve is well placed to understand and advise organisations who want to embrace cloud, modernise their infrastructure and implement new emerging technologies.

He has worked with a number of large scale organisations, planning and delivering network transformation projects for Lloyds Banking Group, Capita, The Ministry of Justice and BetFred.

Simon Allister

Simon is Cloud Gateway’s Pre-Sales Technical Architect with a 20 year pedigree within the IT industry.

Simon's technical expertise allows him to collaborate with customers on a range of networking and cloud disciplines. He has a knack for translating complicated concepts and challenges into clear, tangible solutions.

He has developed a wealth of practical experience working with major public and private sector customers, designing and delivering cloud solutions for Public, Defence and Critical National Infrastructure organisations.

Ryan Chittick

Ryan is a Senior Network Engineer, responsible for design, implementation and support for Cloud Gateway's platform.

He brings over 15 years of experience, having been involved in the deployment of many large transformation projects. He is an advocate for strong best practice, endorsing a holistic view of the estate with a keen eye for detail.

He has worked with the Ministry of Defence and many large managed service providers to upgrade and evolve their network estate, including data centre refresh projects for which he was the lead engineer.

Why do I need this?

You'll benefit if you are...

Struggling with your current network

Naturally, the top priority for any organisation is to keep critical workloads running. Time and money is often invested in ‘keeping the lights on’ which can have a detrimental impact on future development and transformation plans.

The skills needed to run a transformation programme or cloud-based development are very different to those needed for day-to-day management. This can lead to a conundrum over whether to buy vs build.

We can offer first hand experience which will help you to make key decisions such as this.

Lacking network skills in your team

Network skills are running short, and a lack of people in the discipline can prevent organisations from achieving their goals, or even planning them in the first place!

Our architecture assessment session will allow you to lean on our expertise and get you started on the journey.

Using or embracing cloud technology

Whether you’re already working in the cloud, or migrating on-prem workloads for the first time, you need a strong digital foundation to support the network.

Hybrid, multicloud and supercloud approaches are all possible, we can help you figure out which strategy will work best for your organisation.

Concerned about network security

If you're worried that your network security posture could be more robust, you are not alone.

The first step is to map and assess your network for vulnerabilities, and understand how traffic is routed and protected right now. We can help you do this - and establish guidance to plug any potential gaps.