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PSN Connect is a portfolio of managed services that helps you to achieve fast, easy connectivity to the Public Services Network (PSN) from a physical site, a cloud environment or your remote user base.

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What is PSN (Public Services Network)?

The Public Services Network (PSN) is the government’s high-performance network, which helps public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

The Cabinet Office’s Future Networks for Government (FN4G) programme is encouraging organisations to migrate away from the PSN, in favour of cloud based networking, ideally using the internet as backbone.

How we help with PSN Connectivity

By using a flexible solution for PSN Connectivity, you can improve the citizen experience in using your services while preparing your organisation for a simple and painless move away from the PSN. Future proofing your infrastructure in this way minimises downtime, security risk and budget constraints.

Your network services will need to support 'legacy' PSN connectivity in addition to new cloud, to lay this foundation for future migration plans.

Some workloads may also need to remain on the Public Services Network for security and data sovereignty reasons. PSN connections with Cloud Gateway offer secure, cost-effective links to the PSN for users, sites and cloud environment.

Service Definition

Futureproofing your network is easy with PSN Connect

Four easy steps to get your PSN compliance using PSN Connect.

Before you can connect to the Public Services Network, your organisation needs to pass the PSN compliance process. Cloud Gateway make this process quick and simple.

1. Provide your details and company registration info

The PSN Code of Connection (CoCo) document is an application form to connect to the PSN. You’ll need to complete your organisation’s details, including your registration number. If you are a central government department or local authority you won’t need to provide a registration number.

2. Sign your commitment statement

As well as providing your company information and details about your network, you’ll also need to make a set of commitments. These commitments dictate how you’ll work throughout the compliance process and the period of your connection to the PSN.

3. Your network environment

The PSN's Information Assurance (IA) assessors need information about the infrastructure you want to connect to the PSN. This includes the number of sites, users and IP addresses being connected. This also needs to be accompanied by a network diagram that shows you are connecting your network to Cloud Gateway. Don't worry as we can help you provide this.

4. We manage everything for you

No need to write and maintain policies or complete IT health checks. We take care of all the housekeeping through our PSN Connect service. You gain back time, efficiency and your resources to utilise on delivering services.


Benefits of PSN Connect

Simple connectivity

A PSN connection can be set up quickly or at a speed that works for you. There is no need to be constrained by unreasonable lead times and have to wait to connect.

Build upon your PSN connectivity

It's incredibly easy to choose the connectivity, security, and inspection components you need on our platform, which is fully configurable to your organisation's needs.

Cloud first

PSN Connect provides cloud, site or remote access to the PSN, with scalable bandwidth giving you a cost-effective option, and room to grow.

Public Services Network (PSN) support

My Cloud Gateway provides a quick, clear dashboard that provides an overview of your network. It allows you to submit support tickets to our PSN provider team and monitor your network's use, performance, and traffic flow overview.

Why choose Cloud Gateway for PSN services?

Cloud Gateway can establish a PSN connection in minutes, not months! Enable PSN access for your entire estate, whether it's remote users, sites or cloud environments. Our contracts are flexible, enabling you to add services and security features whenever the time is right. We don't believe in over-provisioning up front.

Answering your FAQs about PSN Connect

PSN Stands for Public Services Network - it's the government’s high-performance network, which helps public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

The PSN is set to close at some point in the future. Government Digital Service (GDS) consider the PSN to be a legacy network that is no longer fit for purpose - as alternative technologies offer greater agility, security and value for money. Read more here.

The FN4G programme is encouraging organisations to move towards cloud-native applications, powered by APIs and software-driven technologies, ideally using the internet as backbone. However, not all applications are yet to be migrated and some workloads may need to remain on the PSN for security and data sovereignty reasons.

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