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Cloud Connectivity

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Connect to any cloud service provider in minutes!

At Cloud Gateway, we do things differently when it comes to cloud connectivity. Our intelligent, cloud native network solutions enable secure, on-demand access to a wide range of cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and OCI. We can seamlessly connect your users, sites and on-premise infrastructure to cloud in a matter of minutes. Let us show you how we're transforming the network and security landscape.

The Challenge

  1. Organisations need to adopt cloud based services to power their digital transformation strategies

  2. For a private, on-net cloud connection, you need to rely on a telco. Solutions can be expensive or slow to deploy, or both!

  3. A lack of networking skills makes it hard to link cloud environments back to the rest of the business

  4. Telco solutions are sold with inflexible bandwidths, forcing you to over-provision a high capacity connection, to avoid the hassle of changing it later

  5. Cloud widens the security perimeter in a way that needs to be carefully controlled and managed

  6. Businesses need reliable connections with built-in failover, and support in the event of a problem

The Solution

  1. Access a fabric of cloud providers. Choose from AWS Azure, Google, Oracle and many more

  2. A private, resilient network connection is delivered in minutes, not months

  3. On-net connectivity is more reliable than the internet, and is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  4. Our experts manage the ecosystem and connect the cloud environment to the rest of your network. If it has an IP address, we can connect it!

  5. Start from service bandwidth as low as 10Mbps, and instantly scale up whenever you need to

  6. We can incorporate network security functions into your solution, such as Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), keeping your cloud as secure as the rest of your estate

Want to see how it works?

Download our handy infographic and start your journey towards a truly cloud native network!

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