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Hybrid Cloud Networking

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How data centre and cloud hosting can work in harmony

Cloud can, if done right, deliver heaps of business benefits. In the real world however, it's not always that easy. Few organisations are completely cloud-native, so thought needs to be given to existing data centre workloads. Whilst some of these can (and should) be moved to the cloud, others may be better off staying put, at least for now. To support the blend of on-prem and cloud operations, a hybrid approach is needed. Here's how Cloud Gateway do it...

The Challenge

  1. Managing cloud AND on-premise environments is architecturally and commercially complex

  2. Data sovereignty and regulatory concerns mean some workloads must remain on-premise

  3. Even if you wanted to host everything in the cloud, it's risky (and unrealistic) to migrate everything in one go

  4. Applications should be able to talk to each other, no matter where they are hosted

  5. Network security policy should be consistently applied across on-premise and cloud traffic

  6. Users need secure, reliable access to reach data centre and cloud-built applications. Their experience should be seamless

The Solution

  1. A unified networking and security service that incorporates your on-premise and cloud environments

  2. Our SASE platform bridges the gap between clouds, data centres, sites and users - bringing everything together into one ecosystem

  3. Lay a Digital Foundation from which to migrate workloads to the cloud at your own pace

  4. Gain network interoperability between DC and cloud, to ensure apps that aren't ready to move to cloud can keep running

  5. Incorporate network security functions, such as Firewall-as-aService (FWaaS), to keep your cloud and on-prem environments secure

  6. On site and remote users can access any workloads they need, regardless of where you keep them. You control user access privileges

Want to see how it works?

Download our handy infographic and start your journey towards a harmonious hybrid cloud network!

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