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Multicloud Architectures

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Connect to multiple cloud service providers

At Cloud Gateway, we know that one cloud provider isn't always enough. Some services are better suited to certain functions than others, whether it's database management, app development, or leveraging machine learning and AI. Whatever the outcome, you should be able to choose the right tool for each job, safe in the knowledge that the network seamlessly connects it all together. Here's how we enable a true multicloud approach for your network...

The challenge

  1. Adding more cloud environments to the network increases architectural and commercial complexity

  2. It's quick and easy to add cloud services consumed over the internet, but this isn't always reliable. The organisation needs private, resilient links

  3. Running multiple cloud providers requires a broader skill set in networking and security disciplines

  4. Cloud service providers speak unique languages and have different default tools, making them feel incompatible with each other

  5. Cloud-lock in occurs when there's no clear transformation path to migrate workloads from one cloud to the next

  6. Increased interoperability brings benefits but also additional risk around data protection, privacy and governance

The solution

  1. Add as many clouds as you want! Cloud links can be plugged-in anytime, and incorporated into your existing commercial terms

  2. Freedom to choose the right tool for the right job, whether it's AWS for apps, Azure for databases, or Google for AI

  3. Connections are private. This is more reliable than using the internet. All connections are resilient and configured for failover

  4. Access handy guides to help set up the connection in your cloud consoles. Once live, we take care of network management

  5. All connections reach back to our central SASE platform, giving you reportable data for the whole connected network

  6. Add network security functions like Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS). Policies can be applied to all multicloud traffic for consistency, or we can add bespoke rules

Want to see how it works?

Download our handy infographic and start your journey towards a multicloud enabled network!

Download here