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Moving to cloud will widen your network security perimeter. It's important to protect your cloud environments with the same policies as the rest of your estate. Cloud services will likely come with a set of out-of-the box security functions, but you'll need to configure and manage them yourself.

Cloud Gateway can take this burden away by applying consistent rules across your entire connected network, and managing them for you. Here's how it works...

The challenge

  1. Cloud environments and a remote user base widens the security perimeter in a way that needs to be carefully controlled and managed

  2. Native cloud security functions are often fine, but you need the right skills to implement and manage them properly

  3. Security policy needs to be consistent across the estate, and easily altered as the ecosystem changes

  4. The business needs visibility of security events across on the entire network, including access to logs

  5. Network security is only one component of a wider cyber strategy. Data from multiple sources needs to be collated and analysed together

  6. Time and resource is limited, ideally someone else would look after network security whilst you retain ultimate control

The solution

  1. All of Cloud Gateway's services plug into the same SASE network and security platform, whether it's clouds, users or sites

  2. We can implement all levels of network security from basic layer 3/4 firewalls, to FWaaS, to WAF and SWG

  3. Configure the policy you need today, and make changes whenever you need, it's all part of the service

  4. View your active policies and access live traffic logs via our portal. Request any changes here too!

  5. Complement your SecOps activity rather than complicating it. Network traffic logs can be pumped out to your existing SIEM/SOC tooling

  6. We take custody of your security policy, but you can always make tweaks as you see fit

Download our handy infographic and take your first steps to a secure, cloud-native network.

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