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Public Sector Networks

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Reaching critical public sector networks to get the job done

Health and government organisations need to securely share resources. From patient records to court appointments, the public sector operates a complex ecosystem of apps and services, consumed nationwide.

Eventually, the cloud and internet will do the heavy lifting, but many apps can still only be reached via the Public Services Network (PSN) or Health & Social Care Network (HSCN). Here's how Cloud Gateway enables access to these networks, whilst keeping an eye on the future...

The challenge

  1. Public sector applications are gradually being moved to cloud and consumable via API over the internet, but many remain on-premise

  2. These on-premise resources are only accessible via the HSCN or PSN, so a connection to those networks is needed

  3. There's a finite list of HSCN and PSN connectivity suppliers. Many are telcos who can be expensive, or slow to deploy, or both!

  4. Sensitive data is being passed across these networks, so the connectivity must be secure

  5. In some cases, the connection only needs to be temporary while cloud migration takes place, so long contracts aren't ideal

  6. User and site access to HSCN and PSN needs to be controlled by access policy

The solution

  1. Cloud Gateway are one of 20 CN-SP suppliers for HSCN, and our services are PSN compliant

  2. A connection between sites, users, clouds and the PSN / HSCN can be deployed in minutes, not months

  3. Flexible terms allow you to take our service for 12 months, and avoid being locked into a multiyear deal

  4. Our service allows you to add users, clouds, sites and increase bandwidth whenever you need

  5. Incorporate network security, such as Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), to keep your connections and users secure

  6. Access handy guides to walk you through the steps for both PSN and HSCN compliance as part of our fully managed service

Want to connect to the HSCN or PSN? Download our handy infographic!

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