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Secure Remote Access

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Making network access flexible for your users

The modern workplace has changed. Users now need to access resources from outside a fixed HQ, whether at home or on the road. The network needs to support remote access, over the internet, whilst maintaining the same level of security as you'd expect from a bricks and mortar building. Here's how Cloud Gateway can enable seamless, secure remote access for your users...

The challenge

  1. Users need to access resources from anywhere. Some of these resources are only accessible from a fixed site

  2. Some applications are located onpremise, whilst others are hosted in the cloud. Users need to be able to reach both

  3. Remote users expand the security perimeter. This needs to be carefully managed

  4. Certain resources need to have limited access, with only certain users able to reach them

  5. The user experience should be as seamless as possible, just like logging in from the office. It shouldn't require new laptops or equipment

  6. Guidance is needed for users to set up their remote access and log in. User management, including adding and removing, should be easy

The solution

  1. Our remote access module plugs into your other services, so users can reach chosen network endpoints from wherever they are

  2. All you need is an internet connection. A secure SSL VPN tunnel is built from the user device to our platform

  3. No need to replace user devices or buy special equipment. Just install an app onto the user's computer

  4. Add and remove users yourself via our handy portal

  5. Remote user permissions can be controlled down to the individual. All user traffic is governed by security policy, just like the rest of the network

  6. We provide useful set-up guides to help users launch their SSL VPN and configure multi-factor authentication

Want to see how it works?

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