SASE, made easy.

We provide a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Platform called PRISM. It's a unique solution, built from intelligent software, that combines industry leading connectivity and network security technologies.

What is SASE?

SASE, Explained

What is SASE?

SASE stands for 'Secure Access Service Edge'. It's a term that describes a cloud-based, unified approach to networking and security. SASE providers tend to fall into one of two categories:

Technology Vendors

Vendors build hardware and software services, and sell licences, often via resellers. This is often a cost effective way to procure technology. When it comes to deployment and config, vendors don't usually get directly involved. You'll be responsible for managing the solution. This needs specialist skills.

Managed Service Providers

MSP's bring together services from multiple vendors, and blend them into a single offering. They provide a management and support wrapper on top, taking away the maintenance burden from you and your team. MSPs can be expensive, and depending on the mix of solutions they've combined, may result in an inconsistent user experience.

What about Cloud Gateway?

Cloud Gateway is neither a vendor nor an MSP - we're kind of both! Let us explain...

When you implement SASE with us, our experts work with you to design and deploy a unique blend of technology products. You can mix and match any of our services, and add new capabilities whenever the time is right.

Once live, we take care of your PRISM platform, as a fully managed service. We provide dedicated support staff, an intuitive portal - and everything is backed by SLA.

SASE Benefits

Future-proof your network and your business.

Modernise legacy systems

Bringing the network together helps you to modernise your outdated tech, embrace the cloud and tackle shadow IT.

Network visibility

Get full visibility and control of everything your network is doing, from routes, to security events, to user access.

Consistent security

Unify network security policy and control all your rules from one place. Access one source of network logs to feed into your SIEM/SOC.

Fully managed service

Take management burden away from the IT team, reducing people costs and strain on resources.

Collaboration and consumption

Connect your products to your users and consumers. Reduce your time to market for a competitive edge.

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