Our values and what we stand for.

Transformation can be hard. Partnering with the right team that can share your vision and support you in achieving your goals is critical. We believe it starts with aligning with a company that offers a true partnership, you win, we win.

Our story

Who we are and what

we offer to you.

Cloud Gateway was founded in 2017 by Justin Day and Neil Briscoe with the simple mission to allow organisations to securely connect anything to everything- easily.

As networking veterans, Justin and Neil were tired of the bottlenecks in companies that stifled innovation and digital transformation.

Their aim- to eliminate unnecessarily long SLAs, expensive lock-in contracts, and the increasing skills gap from impacting the positive societal impact of technology.

We offer the UK’s first SASE platform, a flexible networking and security solution for the public and private sector providing simple, fast connectivity to multiple cloud service providers, the HSCN, the PSN, and the internet.

Fast forward to the present and the company retains the agility and mindset of a digital first start-up whilst boasting collaborations with some of the most well-known organisations in the UK.

We are proud to offer unrivalled flexibility and support on your transformation journey.

A trusted relationship, partnered with a values driven, truly customer centric team.

Our aim, to always be truly agnostic, helping you to deploy the right tool for the right job faster, with highly flexible networking and security solutions using best-of-breed features.

Our values

Our values are our mantra & we live by them day in, day out.

Innovative & improving

We think, dream, re-invent and improve. We explore ideas and hunches as it's how we "realise". It's important to treat every day like a school day, an opportunity to keep exploring.

Human, fun & daring

We believe we should dare to think, play, fail and learn, and most importantly always have a go. We’re always respectful and human - there’s no such thing as a dumb question or suggestion.

Transparent & honest

It’s important for us to always have integrity and be open and honest, setting expectations and delivering on what we say we will do. We happily share the rationale and learning behind it too.


We embrace the freedom we're given to innovate, educate and investigate. We make decisions when we feel it's needed and appropriate, never fearing a direction if we think it's right - we use our voice.

Be the best

We believe our people are the best, and we want them to continue to push themselves and others. We take time and opportunities to better ourselves to improve everything we do.


Did we mention that we’re award-winning?

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