Our values and what we stand for.

Transformation can be hard. Partnering with a team that shares your vision and supports your goals is really important. Here's a little more about us.

Our story

Who we are and what

we offer to you.

Over the years, our technology landscape has changed, but the corporate network remains the same.

Expensive lock-in contracts and poor service are still prevalent in the telecommunications sector. This is no longer acceptable in a cloud-native market that demands flexibility, choice and pace of change.

At Cloud Gateway, we do networks differently.

Cloud Gateway was created in 2017 by our co-founders Justin and Neil - to deal with the technical and commercial bottlenecks that stifle digital transformation.

We are bringing networking and secure connectivity into the digital age through cultural, commercial and technical innovation.

We offer a range of connectivity and security services, all powered by the UK’s first SASE platform. Fully managed, rapidly deployed, infinitely flexible.

By changing the network, we can drive positive outcomes in society.

Our values

Our values are our mantra & we live by them day in, day out.

Innovative & improving

We think, dream, re-invent and improve. We explore ideas and hunches as it's how we "realise". It's important to treat every day like a school day, an opportunity to keep exploring.

Approachable, authentic & fun

We believe we should dare to think, play, fail and learn, and, most importantly, always have a go. We’re always respectful and authentic - there’s no such thing as a dumb question or suggestion.

Transparent & honest

It’s important for us to always have integrity and be open and honest, setting expectations and delivering on what we say we will do. We happily share the rationale and learning behind it too.

Be the best

We believe our people are the best, and we want them to continue to push themselves and others. We take time and opportunities to better ourselves to improve everything we do.


Did we mention that we’re award-winning?

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