Our values

When we embody our values, a company culture is created. Cloud Gateway have 4 core values which we try to demonstrate every day.


To connect anything to everything immediately

Back in 2017, cloud computing had stormed onto the technology scene. Cloud adoption was gathering pace, and organisations were spinning up environments for their business critical functions. We were promised better flexibility, scalability and cost savings compared to hosting on physical tin in the data centre. In theory this was true - but for many, the reality was different.

Amongst the clamour to become cloud-native, little thought was being given to existing on-prem operations, and even less to the corporate network connecting everything together.

Cloud Gateway was born from a shared frustration that the network had been left behind, and that those providing connectivity services were slow and reluctant to change. The result? A hodgepodge of applications in different locations, which users struggled to access, supported by a network that was somehow both over-provisioned and under-performing at the same time.

We launched Cloud Gateway to do networks differently.

As networking veterans, Justin Day and Neil Briscoe were tired of the bottlenecks that stifled innovation and digital transformation. So, they planned to build a service that offered an alternative way to securely connect clouds, data centres, sites and users. Powered by a cloud-built platform, the service needed to give our customers the reliability of a traditional telco offering, including SLAs, resilience and top-notch security - but also keep up with the flexibility and pace of change associated with cloud.

Since 2017, Cloud Gateway, the UK's first SASE platform, has helped organisations in the public and private sectors to transform their network - into an intelligent ecosystem that's FINALLY fit for the cloud age!

Our values

Our values are our mantra & we live by them day in, day out.

Fearlessly Innovative

Embrace disruption, discuss and disagree, deliver results

Empowerment & Ownership

Take responsibility, lead and be accountable

Learn and Adapt

Build for scale, embrace change and grow

Customer-centric Excellence

Provide exceptional value, putting the customer at the heart of everything we do

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