Remote Access

Cloud Gateway can securely connect your remote users to any network endpoint on your estate. From cloud, to data centres, to third party networks!

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What is it?

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access provides a scalable, secure way for your remote workers to access network endpoints and applications from outside of the traditional office environment.

With Remote Access, end users can access specific workloads on the network, in accordance with the policy you define. You can also add security components that protect the traffic to and from your remote users.

Remote Access is achieved through SSL-VPN technology, which requires you to install a piece of software on the end user’s device.

The user volumes available to purchase are:

  • 5 users

  • 10 users

  • 25 users

  • 35 users

  • 50 users

  • 100 users

  • 500 users

Read the full service definition here:

Service Definition


Remote Access benefits

Start with a handful of users, add more on demand.

Our platform is completely configurable to your business needs, allowing you to add extra users, or completely new connectivity methods on top of your Remote Access service. It’s really simple.

Our platform provides access for remote users to clouds, sites, data centres and third party networks - as long as you have an internet connection, we can get you connected!

Connectivity can be deployed within minutes, or at a pace suitable for you. There's no need to be tied to unreasonable lead times and have to wait to get connected.

Implement security functions like FWaaS, SWG and WAF, protecting all your user traffic as part of a comprehensive network security posture.

My Cloud Gateway allows you to add, remove and edit your remote user base. See your user activity via a simple, intuitive display. You can raise support tickets with our team here too.

Get started with Remote Access.

With a scalable user base, no long lead times or installation charges, our Remote Access service puts choice and flexibility back in your hands.

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