VPN Site Connectivity

Connect your sites to chosen endpoints via the Cloud Gateway platform on a ‘bring your own network’ basis - using your existing internet circuits and hardware.

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What is it?

What is VPN Site Connectivity?

VPN Site Connectivity, also known as Site-to-Site VPN (S2S VPN), is a secure technology used by businesses to create a private and encrypted tunnel between physical locations over the internet. Unlike Remote Access VPN which connects individual users, S2S VPN enables a secure network connection between offices, data centres, or even Cloud VPN environments.

How does Site to Site VPN work?

We provide you with a set of configurations and credentials, which allow you to build a pair of secure IPSec VPN tunnels from your Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device(s), to our platform tenancy.

From there, we will establish links to other endpoints on the network estate, depending on your needs.

We’ll provide you with two public IP addresses for VPN termination. It’s important that your IP schema is unique within the network and doesn’t overlap with other services. Geographic separation gives the service resilience.

VPN Site Connectivity is sold as a component of our platform, which means bandwidths for all your site connections will mirror the overall bandwidth capacity of the platform we deploy for you.

If you’re unsure and need assistance, we can provide guidance and support! Read the full service definition here:

Service Definition


IPSec VPN benefits

Securely connect your sites over the internet

Our platform is completely configurable to your business needs, allowing you to add extra sites, or completely new connectivity methods on top of your Site VPN service. It’s really simple!

Site VPNs use your existing CPE and internet connection to establish a network link. No new hardware is required. Bring your own network!

Connectivity can be established at a pace suitable for you. There's no need to wait for site wayleave, kit delivery or installation - simply add a config to your current CPE.

Implement security functions like FWaaS, SWG and WAF, protecting all your site traffic as part of a comprehensive network security posture.

My Cloud Gateway shows your connection status, including the resilient links across each VPN tunnel. View bandwidth activity and raise support tickets via from here!

Why choose Cloud Gateway for VPN solutions?

Cloud Gateway offers flexible and scalable bandwidths, allowing you to provision exactly what you need today, with scope to scale in the future. Add as many simultaneous connections as you want to the network, safe in the knowledge that all traffic is protected and controlled by our platform SEC. Secure VPN connections can be set up in as little as 5 working days!

Answering your FAQs about VPN Site Connectivity

Site VPNs provide connectivity for multiple users on the same network at one site. As long as your users are connected to the LAN, they can use the VPN service to reach external resources such as clouds and data centres. Remote Access VPN tunnels are configured on an individual user basis. Each user is authenticated individually, and they don't need to be located at a fixed site.

One common example of VPN Site Connectivity is to serve multiple site locations that may need access to the same resources. For example, a retail organisation with many branches may need to access the same stock ordering system in the cloud, or a healthcare trust with multiple clinics may all need to access patient records accessed via the HSCN.

IPsec VPN tunnels encrypt and authenticate the packets flowing through the connection - and also encapsulate each packet into a new one, with a new header. For more information, and to understand what kind of connections may be right for you, feel free to book an architecture review!

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With scalable bandwidths, no long lead times or installation charges, our site connectivity services put choice and flexibility back in your hands.

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