Environmental Policy

Last updated: Jan 2024

Signed by: Justin Day


Cloud Gateway is dedicated to limiting its impact and actively making positive contributions to the environment. We aim to promote sustainability and environmental awareness throughout all facets of the organisation and we promise to pursue a programme of continuous improvement by reviewing our carbon reduction strategies, targets, policies and practices.


We endeavour to comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

Carbon reduction planning

Cloud Gateway is committed to:

  • Measuring and analysing the carbon footprint of our business activities in conjunction with other climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts

  • Adhering to our carbon reduction plan objectives

  • Evaluating the environmental policies of our Suppliers. Cloud Gateway will support Suppliers in their own improvement journeys where possible

  • Incorporating energy efficiency measures into company facilities and promoting efficient energy use in all areas of business activity

We are also actively researching management systems and frameworks designed to help organisations increase their environmental sustainability (and social and governance-related management).

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Carbon Reduction Plan


Whilst we endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint above all else, we will offset the emissions that we cannot eliminate on the pathway to Net Zero.

Environmental awareness and sustainability

To support our environmental policy, Cloud Gateway is already involved in a number of activities:

  • Regular external communications and reports to our website and social media (LinkedIn) with regards to our ESG initiatives and general promotion of awareness and sustainability

  • Cycle to Work scheme offered to all employees

  • All staff are allowed and actively encouraged to work from home if they wish to, reducing commuter traffic and thus pollution

  • Reducing consumption of resources throughout the organisation, e.g. through procurement processes

  • Promoting re-use, recycle and recovery waste management processes, particularly with regards to technical devices. Recycling facilities are available at all office hubs and items that can be recycled, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, should be

  • Office hubs are in place instead of central offices. These working hubs are closer to employees who do decide or need to travel to site

  • Promoting the use of public transport, bicycle or on foot wherever possible when employees are travelling to a work office or for a work purpose

  • Actively encouraging the use of online conferencing to meet customers

  • Promoting the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystems - Cloud Gateway is reviewing tree-planting initiatives in the year 2023 and seek to add an environmental initiative to all commercial bids where it is possible

  • Adopting a procurement programme that supports the purchase of sustainable products, particularly with regards to office equipment and stationery. It is worth mentioning that Cloud Gateway does not own a printer and is almost entirely paper-free

Staff awareness and training

We provide environmental training on an annual basis for all staff. We ensure our staff are aware of the environmental impacts of their work and encourage them to minimise those impacts, as well as consider their private-life impacts such as their working from home environment.

Staff initiatives

The lead representative for ESG initiatives is an active member of the “Culture Committee”, aiming to propagate environmentally aware messaging and initiatives throughout the organisation.


We employ an expert in ESG for external consultation and guidance. We expect to engage their support to obtain certification with relevant environmental standards as mentioned above.

Additionally, the ESG lead and deputy receive regular external newsletters and notifications regarding updates to legislation.


This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate continued relevance and to monitor compliance.