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Cloud Gateway Awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

Cloud Gateway’s dedication to operational excellence and exceptional customer service has been recognised by the British Assessment Bureau in their most recent audit, where Cloud Gateway has been awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.

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The ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification highlights Cloud Gateway’s commitment to continued operational excellence, refined processes and reassures clients that the company operates under robust process management guidelines. This continued improvement helps Cloud Gateway to improve efficiencies, exceed the expectations of existing clients and stand out from the competition.

With clients ranging across multiple industries including the Public Sector, Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare, the quality standards of operation are fundamental across the entire Cloud Gateway business, from product to service management teams, in order to deliver the best customer experience and service possible.

"This accreditation gives clients confidence in the fact that we have openly submitted ourselves to rigorous external audit and built our operational policies and procedures to a widely recognised standard. Cloud Gateway are able to stand out as a trusted vendor – something we strive to show in everything we do."
Justin Day / CEO of Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway’s hybrid cloud connectivity platform, PRISM, is built on the foundations of government-grade security and the company currently holds ISO 27001 certification, tier 2 Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, Public Sector Network (PSN) accreditation, and is NCSC compliant to boot.

The Cloud Gateway hybrid cloud connectivity platform is an award-winning solution that provides businesses with both the mechanism and resource support to adopt, develop and operate cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.


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